Akasia Infrastructure Modeler
Unlimited cost modeling scenarios per source VM for 1 year
$50 per VM
Cloud Migration and Costing Analytics Software
For on-prem to cloud or cloud-to-cloud migration projects
Inventory all on-prem infrastructure with existing monitoring tools
Model all "what-if" scenarios to optimize cloud costs
BYOL vs License included
As-is vs Right-sized
Always-on vs Pause n' Resume
Cloud Native vs VMware-on-Cloud
Across AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud
Akasia Cloud Modeler
7 Day Access Pass
Cloud Cost Comparison Software
Comparing costs between cloud platforms for new cloud projects
Service-by-service pricing comparisons
IaaS and PaaS
Compare across AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud, Oracle Cloud
Ideal for Green-Field and new application deployments in cloud
Export data to Excel or PDF
Great for Competitive Price comparisons
Determine your costs before choosing your Cloud.