Akasia adds cloud cost modeling capability for Intel® Optane(TM) technology-based Infrastructure

Akasia Infrastructure Modeler includes Intel® OptaneTM memory modules to give customers and partners more targeted cloud costing scenarios for migration of workloads such as SAP and databases.

INTEL VISION – GRAPEVINE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 10,2022 — Akasia, Inc. announces the addition of bare metal servers and virtual machine hosts supporting Intel® Optane™ memory technology to its cloud cost modeling software. Akasia expands its modeling capabilities to include Intel Optane memory-based servers hosted by cloud vendors such as IBM Cloud. This allows even more choice and cost savings for enterprise clients who want to migrate memory-intensive applications such as VMware, SAP and databases to the cloud.


Intel Optane is available in two products for the data center – Intel Optane persistent memory which delivers affordable expanded memory capacity and data persistence, and Intel Optane SSDs that deliver high performance, low latency storage. After including Intel Optane persistent memory in cloud assessment models Akasia found:


  • Increased VM packing ratios in right-sizing scenarios for VMware-on-Cloud virtual architectures
  • Fewer cloud hosts required for memory intensive applications
  • Lower TCO for cloud migration projects overall
  • More scenarios where moving to the cloud from on-premises environments make financial sense


Modeling with Intel Optane persistent memory is now included in the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler. Akasia Infrastructure Modeler provides cost planning for lift-and-shift migrations from one on-premises or cloud environment to another. It discovers on-premise resources and provides equivalent and right-sized cloud templates in minutes. Akasia’s automatically generated reports provide a complete cloud bill of materials and costs that form a starting point for lift and shift migrations.


Akasia makes cloud cost optimization and migration decision-making easy by enabling cost comparisons between:

  • All major cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.
  • VMware-on-Cloud vs Cloud Native virtualization
  • On-Premises vs Cloud
  • As-is vs Right-sized infrastructure
  • Always-On vs Pause-and-Resume infrastructure
  • BYOL vs License Included



“With our new support for Intel Optane technology for storage and memory, clients and partners have more choice than ever before,” said Garima Thockchom of Akasia, Inc. “With increased choices, comes increased need for software solutions like Akasia Infrastructure Modeler, which helps businesses make the right choices in terms of which cloud platform to migrate to, and what configuration should be adopted to maximize performance while minimizing costs.”


Pricing and Availability

Modeling with Intel Optane memory-based servers is included in the Akasia Infrastructure Modeler starting today. Pricing for Akasia Infrastructure Modeler starts at $50 per source VM modeled through Akasia software for an unlimited number of times for one year.


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