Akasia Collaborates with IBM to Offer Modeling Solution to Help Enterprises Identify Cost Effective Cloud Configurations

Akasia Infrastructure Modeler Offers Price Estimates from Five Major Cloud Providers to Help Enterprises Identify Cost-Effective Configurations and Reduce Overhead


San Jose, California – September 8, 2021 – Akasia, Inc., a company that helps enterprises model cost savings in the cloud, announced plans to collaborate with IBM to offer a solution that can estimate the cost of moving existing VMware workloads to IBM using IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler is a SaaS solution that uses a data collector to examine pre-existing infrastructure and models cloud configurations for VMware and cloud-native environments like IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions. The solution will surface the estimated cost of ownership from five major providers to generate a report that maps out the most cost-effective on-premises to cloud migration plans, which can ultimately help enterprises reduce overhead. The Akasia Cloud platform will continuously update its price estimates as cloud services and consumption patterns evolve.

“We are extremely pleased to collaborate with IBM to help drive value for their clients,” said Garima Thockchom, Founder and CEO of Akasia, Inc.  “We’re continuing to demonstrate Akasia’s value in the market for on-premises to cloud migration projects, which include lift-and-shift on-premises to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions deployments.”

“Preparing customers and ecosystem partners to migrate their mission-critical workloads to hybrid cloud environments is crucial to accelerating their digital transformations,” said Brendan Kinkade, Vice President, Technology and Hybrid Cloud Partnerships, IBM. “Together with Akasia, we will be able to provide a new offering for clients that is an always-learning cloud modeling solution designed to project cost-saving migration plans and help reduce overhead costs on their paths to modernization.”

Akasia Infrastructure Modeler is generally available. For more information, visit https://www.akasiacloud.com.


About Akasia, Inc.

Akasia was founded in 2014 by entrepreneurs who have deep experience in the enterprise and cloud space with experience from VMware, Sun Microsystems, CommVault and Unisys.  In a market where every enterprise is planning for the public cloud Akasia is quickly becoming the most popular cloud planning solution because of its unique ability to discover infrastructure and utilization and provide equivalent and right-sized cloud resources in minutes. Akasia highlights hidden costs as well as savings in the cloud – allowing enterprises to make migration decisions based on factual cost data.