Partners are an integral part of Akasia’s Business

Akasia’s cloud cost modeling software is used by partners worldwide to lower costs for their customers.

VARs, VADs, SIs, and Consulting companies rely on Akasia’s advanced cloud cost modeling technology to give the best recommendations to their clients and also to accelerate their customers’ cloud migration decision making processes.

Akasia Infrastructure Modeler takes the guesswork out of the costs for Migrating to any of the clouds your clients are considering.

Engage with your Client
Assess the clients entire on-premises environment by auto-discovering all their VMs and VM Hosts.
Model Client Scenarios
Akasia cloud cost solutions allow you to see how to minimize costs for your clients under different scenarios in different clouds.
Generate Cloud Cost Reports
Accelerate your clients' decision making process by demonstrating how much money they will save in the cloud.

Our OEM, SI, VAR & Consulting Partners

Akasia partners with a wide variety of firms from value-added-resellers and distributors to consultants and systems integrators.  We also have partners that OEM our technology to embed into their products and solutions.

Our Technology Partners

Many of our technology partners use Akasia cloud cost modeling software to win customers.  Akasia supports all 5 major cloud vendors and they are also close partners with us.


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