Pre-migration Cost Optimization for Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Before you Lift-Optimize-and-Shift from On-Prem to Google Cloud VMware Engine, determine the most cost effective cloud configurations.
Akasia’s Infrastructure Modeler is a SaaS solution that auto discovers your on-premises VMware hosts and automatically generates right-sized configurations that are the most cost effective for Google Cloud VMware Engine. Find hidden costs and save from 30%-60% over a straight lift-and-shift migrations.

Optimize costs before you lift-optimize-and-shift to Google Cloud VMware Engine with Akasia Infrastructure Modeler.

Auto-Discover all On-Prem VMs
Completely non-invasive collection of VM inventory through existing RVtools or vCenter.
VM Inventory Ingestion
VMs and their configurations are imported automatically into our SaaS modeler.
Right-Size onto VMware on Cloud
Did you know? Most On-Premises VMware environments are over-provisioned. Akasia automatically creates plans to right-size your VMware environment so you can save when moving VMware to Cloud.
Model on Multiple Clouds
Akasia models across all major cloud platforms which can help you choose the most cost effective cloud, or help you negotiate with your preferred cloud vendor.
Akasia Infrastructure Modeler performs cloud cost scenario analysis on your on-prem environment, and automatically creates an exact bill of materials of exactly what you need on GCP to achieve cloud cost savings.

Bill of Materials

Get a complete bill-of-materials for the most cost optimized scenario on Google Cloud VMware Engine.

Using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler will reveal hidden costs when moving to Google Cloud VMware Engine.

By using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler you will discover substantial cost savings when migrating your on-premises VMware workloads to GCP.  In addition to saving money, you will save considerable amounts of time because you can reuse your VMware skillsets and familiar VMware management tools on the Google Cloud Platform.

Find hidden Cloud Cost Savings before you Migrate to Google Cloud Platform.

VMware vs Cloud Native

Azure VMware Solution
VMware Cloud on AWS
Google Cloud Platform VMware Engine

Comprehensive and detailed cost analysis for your on-prem environment costs after moving to the cloud. VMware-on-Cloud vs VMware-on-Cloud cost comparisons across clouds, and VMware-on-Cloud vs cloud native environments (such as Azure VMs vs GCP Compute Engine)

Costs by Resource

  • CPU Costs (30%)
  • Memory Costs (20%)
  • Storage Costs (15%)
  • Network Costs (35%)

Detailed breakdown of costs by CPU, Memory, Disk and Network so that you know where to concentrate your streamlining.

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If you’re transitioning or deploying more workloads on GCP, you can save money by using Akasia Cloud Cost SaaS solutions.

Lower the total cost of ownership of GCP by using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler for on-prem to cloud migrations,


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