Get the best out of IBM Cloud at the most effective cost.

Cost Optimize your Lift-and-Shift Migrations to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions and optimize costs for newly deployed IBM Cloud workloads.
Akasia’s Infrastructure Modeler can help you determine IBM Cloud costs before migrating your on-premises workloads there.  It is especially useful for lifting-and-shifting on-prem VMware workloads to IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.  For green-field applications, Akasia’s Cloud Modeler helps you optimize your new application projects on IBM Cloud Iaas and PaaS on a service-by-service basis.

Optimize costs before migrating to IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions with Akasia Infrastructure Modeler.

BYOL vs Cloud Licensing
Model how BYOL compares cost-wise to licensing that is included with VMs on Cloud platforms
VMware on Cloud
Compare costs for VMware on Cloud vs Cloud native virtualization. The results may surprise you!
Uptime Management
Analyze scenarios and find hidden cost savings by turning off VMs that are not in use
Reserved & On-Demand
Take into account various cloud options and determine what costs would be if you used reserved instances, or on-demand VMs.
Akasia Infrastructure Modeler performs cloud cost scenario analysis on your on-prem environment, and automatically creates an exact bill of materials so that you can provide this to IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions for exact cloud pricing.

Bill of Materials

Get a complete bill-of-materials for the most cost optimized scenario on IBM Cloud infrastructure.

When you use Akasia Infrastructure Modeler or Akasia Cloud Modeler you will find hidden costs and save substantially when moving to IBM Cloud.

By using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler you will discover substantial cost savings by migrating to IBM Cloud or IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions.

Akasia Cloud Modeler costs out IBM Cloud deployments for New Applications and Compare Costs to Other Clouds

IaaS & PaaS Costs
Compare VMs with different CPU, Memory, Disk and Network configurations and PaaS services such as DBaaS across all clouds.
Daily Cost Updates
Prices for cloud services across all platforms are retrieved from the cloud platforms on a daily basis so that you're always current.
Retrieve equivalent Services
Enter VM parameters such as CPU, Memory, Disk & Resources or PaaS services for one cloud & get the equivalent services and costs on other platforms

Discover hidden Cloud Cost Savings before you Migrate or deploy new projects on IBM Cloud.

VMware vs Cloud Native

IBM Cloud for VMware Solutions
IBM Cloud Bare Metal or VMs
Azure VMs

Comprehensive and detailed cost analysis for your on-prem environment costs after moving to the cloud. VMware-on-Cloud vs VMware-on-Cloud cost comparisons across clouds, and VMware-on-Cloud vs cloud native environments (such as Azure VMs vs GCP Compute Engine)

Costs by Resource

  • CPU Costs (50%)
  • Memory Costs (30%)
  • Storage Costs (15%)
  • Network Costs (5%)

Detailed breakdown of costs by CPU, Memory, Disk and Network so that you know where to concentrate your streamlining.

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If you’re transitioning or deploying more workloads on IBM Cloud, you can save money by using Akasia Cloud Cost SaaS solutions.

Lower the total cost of ownership of IBM Cloud by using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler for on-prem to cloud migrations, and Akasia Cloud Modeler for new application deployments,


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