Akasia Cloud Modeler

Cost comparisons for IaaS and PaaS cloud services across all major cloud platforms
Akasia Cloud Modeler is a SaaS solution that gives cost comparisons between 5 cloud platforms at a granular, service-by-service level.  Users simply enter their anticipated cloud services, quantities and updated prices are automatically displayed across all cloud platform service equivalents.

Akasia Cloud Modeler is the perfect solution for assessing cloud costs for new cloud-based application projects

IaaS & PaaS Costs
Compare VMs with different CPU, Memory, Disk and Network configurations and PaaS services such as DBaaS across all clouds.
Daily Cost Updates
Prices for cloud services across all platforms are retrieved from the cloud platforms on a daily basis so that you're always current.
Retrieve equivalent Services
Enter VM parameters such as CPU, Memory, Disk & Resources or PaaS services for one cloud & get the equivalent services and costs on other platforms

Compare Costs for IaaS and PaaS services Across 5 Cloud Platforms

Determine what your costs will be for green-field app deployments.

Akasia Cloud Modeler helps you find out what your costs will be if you are embarking on new cloud app development.  Especially useful for enterprises that have adopted the use of multi-cloud.

Akasia Cloud Modeler is an easy way to Compare Costs on a service-by-service basis

Service-by-Service Cost Comparisons

Azure VMs
Azure SQL Database
Google Cloud Compute Engine VMs
Google Cloud Database Services
IBM Cloud VMs
IBM Cloud Databases
IBM Cloud VMs
IBM Cloud Databases
Oracle Cloud VMs
Oracle Database Cloud Services

Detailed cost analysis for your cloud native environments on a service-by-service basis, across 5 cloud platforms.

Costs by Resource

  • CPU Costs (35%)
  • Memory Costs (25%)
  • Storage Costs (10%)
  • Network Costs (30%)

Detailed breakdown of costs by CPU, Memory, Disk and Network so that you know where to concentrate your streamlining.

Many clients and partners use Akasia Cloud Modeler to keep up-to-date with cloud pricing so that they may increase value to their clients.  Cloud platform competitive analysis departments also use Akasia Cloud Modeler to keep up to date with how they stack up in terms of competitive pricing in the cloud industry.

Akasia Cloud Modeler is also useful for competitive and pricing research.

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See how Akasia Cloud Modeler can help you decide between the major cloud vendors

By using Akasia Infrastructure Modeler you can compare pricing and total cost of ownership between Cloud Platforms and also help you negotiate prices with your cloud vendors.


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