Why you should consider lifting and shifting to VMware-on-cloud

You might think that cloud native virtualization is cheaper than VMware-on-cloud, given that you don’t have to pay for a VMware license. However, VMware-on-cloud can actually save you money on cloud native if you know what you’re doing.


Availability on public cloud

The five major public cloud platforms all offer VMware-on-cloud. VMware software-defined data center runs on Amazon EC2 elastic and bare metal infrastructure, and is fully integrated with AWS. Azure VMware Solution is a Microsoft service, verified by VMware, that runs on Azure infrastructure.

Google Cloud VMware engine provides all the hardware and VMware licenses you need to run in a dedicated VMware SDDC in Google Cloud. IBM Cloud for VMware solutions allow you to migrate VMware workloads to IBM Cloud’s powerful physical servers while using existing VMware tools, technologies and skills. Oracle Cloud VMware Solution provides a VMware cloud environment based on validated design for use with the public Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.


Saving Money

Each VMware on Cloud offering by the cloud platform vendors differs in underlying servers available and price. Each has to be evaluated based on your on-premises environment.

For example, one of our clients here at Akasia Cloud migrated from on-premises to VMware-on-AWS and is now saving $50,000 in monthly cloud costs relative to what they would be paying for cloud native. These monthly savings are on top of avoiding $270,000 in one-time migration costs to convert to cloud native.

A case study of substantial savings for one of our clients using VMware on AWS vs converting to EC2 native.

Saving Time

Migrating to VMware-on-cloud can save you time as well as money. When migrating from VMware on-premises to Cloud, typically you have to convert each of your VMware virtual machines to the native virtualization layer that is used by the cloud of your choice. This takes immense amounts of time for conversion and testing.

Moreover, moving from VMware on-premises to VMware on Cloud can prove to save immense amounts of time since skills can be transferred and reused in the Cloud. VMware-on-cloud offers a familiar VMware virtualization layer, familiar virtualization tools (vCenter, DRS, vMotion etc.), no VM conversions necessary, and right-sizing.

A real world example of a VMware-on-Cloud cost comparison performed for one of our clients.


There are millions of combinations of VMs with different CPU, memory, and disk configurations. Finding the combinations that work for your environment is not trivial. Akasia can provide cost comparisons to simplify your migration process.

Akasia can help you decide whether VMware-on-cloud is right for your company. We compare on-premises, VMware-on-cloud, and cloud native costs, as well as as-is versus right-sized costs. We discover hidden costs and configurations that you normally would not see, finding you the best deal possible.

Every cloud environment is different, but migrating to VMware-on-cloud often saves time and money for businesses.


Want to learn more about lifting and shifting to VMware-on-Cloud? Check out our free infographic.