New! Akasia adds support for Google Cloud VMware Engine and Oracle Cloud VMware Solution as target environments for FinOps Modeling!

Akasia adds new target cloud environments to its cost modeling engine and FinOps capabilities. Model costs and compare across clouds for VMware-on-Cloud environments on AWS, Azure, and now Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud. Safely lift-optimize-and-shift your on-premises VMware workloads to the cloud. Leverage Akasia FinOps to accurately calculate your costs and bill of materials before you move a single workload.

Virtual Machines Modeled


On-prem VMs modeled to Public Cloud


Average annual cloud savings per client

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BYOL vs Cloud Licensing
Model how BYOL compares cost-wise to licensing that is included with VMs on Cloud platforms
VM Right-sizing
Model virtual machine packing scenarios to maximize cost savings while preserving performance SLAs.
VMware on Cloud
Compare costs for VMware on Cloud vs Cloud native virtualization. The results may surprise you!
Uptime Management
Analyze scenarios and find hidden cost savings by turning off VMs that are not in use
Reserved & On-Demand
Take into account various cloud options and determine what costs would be if you used reserved instances, or on-demand VMs.
Model Multiple Clouds
Compare costs across all 5 cloud platforms: AWS, Azure, GCP, IBM Cloud and Oracle Cloud.

Model all infrastructure scenarios, together, at the same time, across all Clouds

Akasia’s modeling engine takes all scenarios into account

Akasia is an unbiased, SaaS-based cloud cost modeling solution provider that saves its customers 30-80% in cloud infrastructure costs.  Over 1,000,000 VMs have been modeled by Akasia’s partners and customers with tens of millions of dollars in cost savings.

Akasia’s proprietary modeling engine takes everything into account and helps you model all cloud infrastructure scenarios (BYOL vs cloud native licensing, VM right-sizing, uptime management, optimal VM types, and VMware on Cloud) that results in the most cost effective configurations across all clouds.

See Akasia in Action

Discover 30-80% in hidden costs with Akasia Infrastructure Modeler or Cloud Modeler

For clients with on-premises VMware, Akasia offers an automatic inventory of all VMs for import into our modeling engine.  From there users can tag VMs, group them by function, and the Akasia will automatically perform right-sizing, consolidation or de-consolidation to maximize performance while minimizing costs. Take the guesswork out of VMware lift and shift cloud migration projects to VMware on Cloud or VMware-as-a-Service hosted on cloud platform vendors.
VMware Lift & Shift Migrations

Akasia uncovers all potential cloud savings.

Auto-Discover all On-Prem VMs
Completely non-invasive collection of VM inventory through existing RVtools or vCenter.
VM Inventory Ingestion
VMs and their configurations are imported automatically into our SaaS modeler.
Right-Size onto VMware on Cloud
Did you know? Most On-Premises VMware environments are over-provisioned. Akasia automatically creates plans to right-size your VMware environment so you can save when moving VMware to Cloud.
Model on Multiple Clouds
Akasia models across all major cloud platforms which can help you choose the most cost effective cloud, or help you negotiate with your preferred cloud vendor.

Detailed Cloud Cost Reports

Expedite decision making on cloud migration projects

Resource Consumption Costs

  • CPU Costs - $45,000 / month
  • Memory Costs - $15000 / month
  • Storage - $35000 / month
  • Network - $55000 / month

Compare costs across 5 Clouds

AWS costs / month
Azure costs / month
GCP costs / month
IBM Cloud costs / month
Oracle Cloud costs / month

Scenario analysis across all major cloud platforms while taking into account BYOL, uptime management, right-sizing, and VMware on Cloud is nearly impossible without a SaaS solution modeler.

Cloud Platform Cost Compare

  • Costs Before VM right-sizing
  • Costs After VM right-sizing

Akasia clients save More on Cloud

  • Cloud Migration without Akasia
  • Akasia Savings over time

A Few of Our Partners

What our Clients Say

Andrew Ng
Infrastructure Services Manager

Akasia discovered our environment and showed us right-sized cloud costs for on-demand as well as reserved instances. We loved the simplicity and clarity of the Akasia application.

Richard Last
Systems Specialist

We were able to model various savings options for our on-premises environment in Azure such as right-sizing and BYOL, and build the list of Azure resources in minutes.

Jagan Kaveripakam
Chief Architect

Our clients are constantly impressed with the cloud savings options identified by Akasia such as the most relevant compute templates, right-sizing, BYOL, uptime, VMware in the Cloud, etc.

Brandon Taylor
Polleo Systems
Systems Engineer

With AkasiaCloud I was able to get granular comparison of cloud costs for my on-prem environment and make a decision about moving to the cloud with confidence

Rocco Alfonzetti
Member of Professional Services

Visualizing cloud costs manually for 300 VMs and understanding cloud savings from right-sizing was impossible. Akasia presented side-by-side costs savings with easy to understand charts in minutes!

Chris Halling-Brown
Senior System Administrator

The Akasia Infrastructure Modeler was invaluable in identifying the closest equivalents for our on-prem VMs and allowing us to model various architectures in the cloud. We loved the speed and accuracy of AIM and how quickly it provided us with the data we needed to make our cloud migration decision

Trond Bjerkvold
Konsultent at Basefarm Professional Services

Our customers are happy with the cost analysis done by AkasiaCloud. We find that their decisions to migrate on-premise applications to the cloud take place faster because of AkasiaCloud.